20 Guests or Less Weddings

Does the thought of standing up in front of a crowd on your wedding day scare the living bajeezus out of you?

Is he the kind of guy that loves you and would marry you in a heartbeat except that bit where he’s the centre of attention?

Do you hyperventilate when you think of being a bride/groom/spouse?

Are your family completely dysfunctional and too weird to invite to your wedding?

Are you saving for other things and want to keep your wedding small and sensible?

It’s very hard to explain to a bridezilla who wants to be a princess on her wedding day, that not everyone wants the attention that can come with a huge wedding. Some of us prefer to quietly and privately marry the one they love. Some even like to make it totally unromantic and business like because they don’t need pomp or ceremony to start a legal marriage. Maybe you’re planning a destination wedding and discovered that it’s easier to change your name after marriage if you do the legals here, and just hold a wedding party overseas?

Its for this reason that Vows Now specializes in marriage ceremony for 20 guests or less. Generally the ceremonies I perform and simple, quick and fun. It’s my preference not to perform weddings where there are more than about 20 guests, this way we don’t need microphones & it stays simple. I specialise and market for very small gatherings and the vast bulk of the weddings I do have just the happy couple and 2 witnesses, sometimes I even provide those. As you can see from my website, I’ll happily throw myself in front of the camera to take unwanted attention off you. I’m great at keeping secrets too! I married my cousin and 2 minutes before we started, my Aunty asked me why I was standing at the front! Yes, I’m that good!

I’m all for the intimacy at weddings – It’s my belief that most people associate their wedding day with the memories of celebration rather than the legalities performed by the celebrant. It’s not my place to be intrusive on your day, so I perform the legalities and leave you to celebrate the start of married life with whomever you choose and however you choose. My business started because of the way I chose to get married – my husband didn’t want any fuss, he wanted to have the legal paperwork in the simplest way possible. (We shared a hamburger together afterwards!)

Some couples prefer to write their own vows. Some are happy to say the bare minimum – it’s your choice and I won’t pressure you. Many couples get married wearing jeans, some don’t exchange rings. As long as you say the minimum wording and file the correct papers you’ll end up being just as married as the couple who spent $50,000!

I do marriages, not weddings.

To book a celebrant service, simply contact Johanna by calling:

0429 2 ELOPE

$200 AUD Deposit required at time of booking