40 Years of Weddings

What do I know about weddings? Well, I’ve been going to weddings since I was just one week old.  You could say that I was born to be in the Wedding Industry. I had a look at some family photo albums and it seems Marriage Celebrancy was my destiny.

My Grandfather was a Pastry Chef. He made multi-tiered wedding cakes in his kitchen at home. Marzipan was in his veins. My Grandmother was a Seamstress. She made wedding gowns in the sewing room. There was always a dress in various stages of completion on her mannequin. My Grandfather played the organ at St Andrew’s Parramatta. He could be heard every Sunday in the service and most Saturdays at weddings and every other day at practise.

Grandma & Grandpa had a “shotgun wedding” in 1943. There are no photos of their wedding. They were married for 47 years until Grandpa’s death in 1991. Grandma kept a diary of love letters to her Ron, for a further 18 years after his death. They may have been forced to marry to legitimise their pregnancy, but the love was there from the start and stayed strong. Long marriages are the norm in my family…

Nanna & Grandad were married for over 50 years. They raised 3 children -my father was their eldest.
My Mum and Dad were married for 38 years, cut short by the premature death of my Dad at age 59.

Me?…Oh I’ve been married 3 times.

Following on the tradition of my Grandparents I had my first wedding at age 20. We’d had a baby and marriage seemed to be the next step to “make things right”…We took the step, it lasted 22 months! My 2nd wedding at age 26 followed a similar pattern. Baby first, marriage next…that one lasted 6 years. In 2002 I met Paul. He was 40 and I was 33. We dated for 4 years (3 of them long distance with him in Melbourne & me in Sydney). We have been laughing with each other ever since. There was no pressure to get married at all. We were happy and had no reason to change a thing except that I wanted to bags him for myself. He’s a keeper.

It’s now 40 years since I went to my first wedding. Things haven’t changed much in that time other than fashion.

What I have learnt from experience is that marriage is a personal decision. Having the best cake, the biggest organ (sorry, couldn’t resist Grandad) or most intricate wedding gown will not make a marriage work. The wedding day marks the starting point – the rest of the marriage is up to those in it. For better or for worse…

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