All’s fair in love and chocolate

I love chocolate. Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with orange and almonds. [wipes drool from keyboard]. I love it so much that the question has been asked “Did you inhale the chocolate?“. Chances are I did!

… Segue to my husband. He likes chocolate. He likes chocolate so much that he saves it up; like a squirrel storing nuts! He has superhuman willpower when it comes to chocolate. He can take a bite from a small piece, THEN WRAP IT UP AGAIN TO SAVE UNTIL TOMORROW!


I took this photo last night. Paul’s chocolate is on the right. He started his piece first. I know his piece of chocolate will still be in the same place waiting for him tonight. That half eaten piece of chocolate will be treated with care and respect, gently unwrapped (again!!) and savoured as if it were whole. Mine is/was on the left. It has since gone to the great big chocolate heaven in my belly. I inhaled it.

If you walked past and saw a half eaten piece of chocolate, what would you do?
Should pre-marital education services include discussions about chocolate? Pre marital counselling services aren’t compulsory, but my job as a Celebrant is to make sure you are aware of the services, should you wish to take part. Who knows? They may have suggestions to prevent extra-marital chocolate affairs? If it can make your marriage better or divulge secrets to getting your chocolate on together, then I’m in favour.

Thinking about eloping? Come on over for a cuppa, a chat and some chocolate.
If you’re keen we can always include a chocolate ice-cream ritual into your ceremony like we did with Emma & Phillip 🙂


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