Aukse and Scott are married :: Testimonial



I drove to Watson’s Bay to marry Scott and Aukse by the harbour. The whole drive I was anxious that I might not make it in time… Not for the ceremony, I’d left plenty of time to get there on time, Aukse was due to have her baby the very next day! Fortunately Miss L arrived 4 days after the wedding.

Scott and Aukse exchanged traditional vows with a nod to God included in front of their immediate family and friends. Scott’s daughter Miss M made the comment of the day when trying to help her Dad tie his shoelaces for his traditional Scottish kilt “Oh Daddy! You have the longest bunny ears!”


Congratulations Scott and Aukse and thank you for the kind words:

“Everything was nicely planned and went smoothly. Performed very professionally. Nice and friendly to everyone that day. We are very pleased having you on our special day. Thank you”

Mr & Mrs L.


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