Destination Weddings

In June I’ll be marrying a couple who decided they’ve put off marriage for too long. After circling around the idea, sending me numerous free sms, filling out the Vows Now Booking Enquiry Form, the future bride and groom contacted me to save their wedding date. All sounded great until they said “we want to get married as soon as possible“. To be legally married in Australia you need to give a minimum one month and one day’s Notice of Intended Marriage. No problem! There was enough time to complete paperwork. The hiccup was with my availability. I had plans & flights booked to be in Melbourne slap bang on the date they wanted.

Here’s where you get an insight into the no fuss style of Bride & Groom we cater to with Vows Now…

Can we meet you in Melbourne so you can marry us?

Sure you can!

What a great idea? [Bride’s name] and [Groom’s name] are combining a small holiday/honeymoon with a no fuss, secret, Destination Wedding. They get the Celebrant, some witnesses, and the style of ceremony that they want, plus a cool story to tell their friends when they reveal their surprise.

If you’re going to be around Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes in June, you might just witness them as they Get Just Married®.
I’d tell you what time, but that might spoil the surprise!
I love my job! Ssshhhh 😉

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