Feedback from Brides that made me smile

My Celebrant colleagues would hate me for saying this, but I love my job so much, some days I’d do it for free. I get immense joy reading the lovely emails and feedback that my Vows Now brides and grooms send me after they elope.

I love couples that “get it“. They understand that the most important part of their wedding day isn’t the party, it’s the intimate commitment they share with each other. I’m pretty lucky to be trusted by so many to witness what can be the most deeply emotional and personal exchange of promises between a couple. I have, on a number of occasions, had to suppress a sniffle or wipe away a tear of my own.


Recently I have been witness to some pretty special elopements. I was even lucky enough to share a wedding where my husband and eldest son were witnesses. I sure was a proud Mum when my 24 year old told me afterwards that it was the most romantic wedding he’d been to.


Here is just a few comments that have been passed on to me by happy couples after their Vows Now wedding:

  • Thank you for the wonderful ceremony and photos. It was such a special day!
    Our family couldn’t be happier for us & we couldn’t have wished for anything more perfect.
  • We can’t thank you enough for yesterday. It was my dream wedding, so easy, so relaxed, so us! The simple act of being able to join our family together as one while still allowing my children to enjoy the moment in their individual ways is simply priceless. Once our secret is revealed you will be much recommended by me.
  • Thank you so much! It was everything we wanted! We went to the bowling club after and the food was amazing! (thanks for the suggestion) All of our close friends and family are happy for us and took the news really well!
  • Thank you SO much for making our wedding day absolutely perfect, I have given you a glowing report on the ABIA website. I have also recommended you to just about anyone who will listen.

Pretty nice reading huh? If you’d like to be another fuss-free happy Vows Now couple, then  I’m always happy to help you elope

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