In sickness and in health

I saw a video from the latest season of American Idol Auditions. Have some tissues ready, then listen to Chris Medina as he talks about his Fiancée.

Nice song, sung well… I’d give it 3 votes.

Here are some questions that were raised for me when I watched the video.

  1. How would you cope if your partner was in an accident 2 months out from your wedding day?
  2. When you say your vows are you up for this level of commitment?
  3. Do you really mean “in sickness AND in health”, “through thick and thin”, “for better or for worse” when you say your wedding vows?
  4. Do you think Steven Tyler stayed a little too long on his kiss with Chris’ girlfriend?
  5. What’s with Steven Tyler stroking Julie’s hair?
  6. Would you step in and get his creepy hands off your Fiancée? (4:10 on the video)
  7. Why do they introduce them selves as “Hi I’m Jennifer Lopez” and “Hey I’m Steven Tyler” when they can only manage a “Hey You.” and a “Hey Girl” to Julie?
  8. Should Chris be going to Hollywood when I am stuck here in Gosford?
  9. What is up with Steven Tyler’s face? Janie get me a gun!


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