Marriage Superheroes

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to meet a couple of heroes. Real heroes (not the overpaid good at sport ‘heroes’) are in our day to day lives. Family, friends, nurses, police, ambulance officers, the old couple you see walking hand in hand to the shops each day. I met just such a couple on January 1st. Every New Year that we welcome with fireworks, they celebrate another wedding anniversary. This year they celebrated 62 years of marriage! They have been married to each other since 1949!!! I don’t recall their names but to me they are my new Superheroes of Marriage.

Like any true Superhero, I have had to hide their faces to protect their identity. This mild mannered couple emitted a powerful force upon meeting. They radiated love. It was palpable. We spent less than 30 minutes together, but 3 days later I’m still excited by our meeting. Here was an 87 year old man and his 81 year old wife, both physically old, but talking to me as if they were 18 again. They shared the power of love with me. You can’t fake 62 years of happy marriage – the two of them didn’t stop holding each other, speaking about each other kindly, smiling and laughing together. It was beautiful. Like Love Kryptonite it made me weak and a little gooey inside.

This couple aren’t the first marriage Superheroes that I have come across in my life. My Grandparents were also a fabulous example of true love and commitment. Such was the extent of their love, that for 15 years after his death, Grandma wrote a love letter to Grandpa in her diary each night. I was lucky enough to inherit a ring that Grandpa gave to Grandma and I have worn it for every ceremony I have officiated. I shared this story with my new Marriage Superhero friends and they squeezed each others hands knowingly. I even saw a small tear in her eye. They knew that I’d been witness to real love superheroes.

In 2010 I had the pleasure of helping 31 couples marry. That’s one person for every year that this couple have been married. I hope to be able to continue to help many more marry in 2011. My wish is that every couple I marry are still deliriously happy 62 years later. I will continue to wear Grandmas ring to each ceremony. It doesn’t hurt to be sentimental or even a little superstitious. Knowing that real love and commitment exists gives hope for your future married life. I want what they’re having!

I told my husband about my new Superheroes of Marriage. He looked at me, smiled, got a little tear in the corner of his eye and squeezed my hand. He knows 😉

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