Marrying Geoff to Glyza.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of marrying Geoff to Glyza in a simple ceremony hosted by Geoff’s sister Kelly and her husband Pete, who I’d married back in 2012.
We live streamed the whole ceremony for Glyza’s family in the Philippines so her family could be with us too ❤️ I kindly offered to hold Geoffs glasses in preparation for when he needed to read his vows, then forgot to hand them over…he did an awesome job of squinting through those first few words…. The real winner was Glyza, who nailed her hilarious vows through a few tears.

I vow to always make you happy, but will not promise to be annoying sometimes.

I vow to make your lunch for work, but will not promise that they taste good all the time.

I vow to massage you every night, but will not promise to press it hard when I’m grumpy.

I vow that I will put granny diaper on you when the time you forgot where the toilets are, but will not promise to change it everyday.

Congratulations Geoff & Glyza 💕

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