Meet Jo

Meet Jo – Civil Marriage Celebrant

Jo’s not like other Marriage Celebrants…

Generally the ceremonies I perform are simple, quick and fun. It’s my preference not to perform weddings where there are more than about 20 guests, this way we don’t need microphones and it stays simple. I specialize and market for very small gatherings and the vast bulk of the weddings I do have just the happy couple and 2 witnesses, sometimes I even provide those.

I’m all for the intimacy at weddings – It’s my belief that most people associate their wedding day with the memories of celebration rather than the legalities performed by the celebrant. It’s not my place to be intrusive on your day, so I perform the legalities and leave you to celebrate the start of married life with whomever you choose and however you choose.

Vows Now started because of the way I chose to get married – my husband didn’t want any fuss, he wanted to have the legal paperwork in the simplest way possible. We said the minimum legal words and shared a hamburger together afterwards! Some couples prefer to write their own vows. Some are happy to say the bare minimum – it’s your choice.

Many couples get married wearing jeans, some don’t exchange rings. As long as you say the minimum wording and file the correct papers you’ll end up being just as married as the couple who spent $50,000!

Why choose Jo to be your Celebrant:

No judgement

If you want to have a really short, simple ceremony without fancy clothes, rings, tradition or religion, you can feel free to do so…

Affordable prices

Vows Now prices are on par with a simple Registry Office wedding at a location of your choice… Our pricing is down-to-earth and affordable for anyone!


Johanna Hayes has been a Civil Marriage Celebrant since 2008 and has vast practical experience in helping couples relax and enjoy their fun elopement!

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So? You Googled elopement and up popped Johanna at Vows Now. You have read everything about eloping… You are really in love and want to run away to the NSW Central Coast to Get JUST Married®? But do you really know the person behind Vows Now? Here are some random facts about Johanna, the Civil Marriage Celebrant who runs Vows Now, so you can get to know her better before you book her to officiate your wedding.



I have been married 3 times. Number 3, Paul, is my favourite (and reigning champion)



My Dad died before he had the chance to meet my favourite husband.



I have 4 tattoos.



I fully support Marriage Equality.



If I could wear flannelette pyjama pants all day, every day, I would.



Favourite drink = red wine



I am a middle child.



I had my first son when I was 20, and my second son when I was 24.



If my sons decide they would like to marry, I will happily give them my blessing to elope. (Provided they name their 1st born Johanna…obviously).



I’m a Registered Nurse, working part-time as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in an Aged Care Facility



If you want to shorten my name, I prefer ‘Jo’ rather than ‘Joh’.



I LOVE photos; looking at them and taking them

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