My Mum would kill me if I eloped

I hear that sentence a lot! Guess what?… chances are she won’t. Mine didn’t!
I have officiated more than 200 weddings and so far (touch wood), I’ve never lost a bride at the hands of her mother in a post elopement fit of rage. If your Mum is prepared to top you because you ran off to get married, you’re probably better off without her in your life, full stop! Imagine what she’d do if you left a stray toenail clipping on the floor?

Think your Mum will kill you for eloping? Think again

Sure I’ve met a few Mum’s that get a little twitchy at the thought of their child not having “the whole shebang”. I have had a bride here and there who sheds a few nervous tears about Mum’s that take over the plans. Generally the Mothers I’ve met have embraced their child and their new spouse with delight, regardless of how fancy the ceremony was (or wasn’t). If you are concerned that Mum will feel left out if you elope, then bring her along! Mothers make great witnesses.

Some Mum’s get overwhelmed by emotion when their son or daughter is getting married. They mean well and want the best for you and I can help remind them that it is your day. Just as many Mothers are the ones who suggested eloping!

Some couples find the stress and expense of planning a ‘Big Wedding’ to be overwhelming. Some dread the thought of standing in front of a large crowd as the centre of attention. Some choose to elope to make their wedding day a truly intimate, romantic experience. Some choose to avoid issues with family about religion or culture. Some people are so in love that they simply can’t wait to be married. Some have been down that aisle before… As long as you are over 18, have provided a Notice of Intended Marriage Form a minimum of one calendar month in advance of your wedding date, you can get married.

You don’t need a note from your Mum.

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