My Wedding


Paul and I had a small wedding ceremony at 2pm on the 8th of the 7th in the 6th (08-07-2006). We needed to leave at midday to drive to the park for photos and Paul was still building our boat at 11.15am. The Ceremony took 30 seconds with our photographer and the Celebrant’s wife as witnesses. We shared a bottle of Spumante with the 3 ‘guests’ and bunked off to our “reception”. We had planned a no frills wedding with minimal fuss – Paul’s dream wedding plan was “like going to an accountant – just sign the papers and go”.

We had a lovely wedding reception. I sat in the car sending SMS messages to family advising them we’d just been married, Paul drove listening to the footy on the radio and we headed to Akuna Bay in the Kuring-gai National Park NSW. There is a lovely Marina there where we grabbed a gourmet hamburger and a coffee to celebrate our nuptials. We were back home at Gosford by 6pm and in our flannelette pyjamas by 6.30pm, just in time to watch the Bride’s Choice movie –
Oh yeah it was The Brady Bunch Movie!!!

Eloping Rocks!

Check out some of our photos…

In 2011 we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary in a little more style whilst on holiday in Las Vegas. Paul looks exactly the same, my hair (and weight) is completely different! You can see all the fabulous photos of us taken by John Michael Cooper of Altf Photography. Here’s just one to give you an idea: