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Gosford Celebrant Elopement

Wedding plans often change. It has been my experience that the longer the engagement, the more likely plans are to blow out. Weddings booked by elopers with the minimum notice of 1 month and a day wait, generally stay as an elopement. If the booking is made well in advance I know that the likelihood is that the plans will get grander and grander. Well I have had the opposite happen with Emma and Phillip.

They originally came to me to plan a small, classy, traditional wedding to be held at Ducks Crossing, Lake Macquarie, followed by High Tea with family and a handful of close friends. Sounds lovely and if that is what Emma & Phillip wanted, I was most happy to be their Celebrant. The paperwork was completed and the wedding date was set for 20th August 2011.
Then stuff happened….

Emma, my beautiful bride-to-be, updated her Facebook Status to tell the world she was practising walking down the aisle in heels in the hallway. Soon after her status updates told a bride’s horror story of her eBay Wedding dress nightmare. The dress didn’t look like the picture. The dress was a mess. The groom took over and tried to resolve the dress problems with the Chinese manufacturer. Stuff. Stuff that would send most brides-to-be mad. Not Emma.

Emma and Phillip put stuff into perspective and quietly organised to elope instead. Stuff the ‘stuff‘! They had more important priorities like saving money, and maybe starting married life with change in their pockets. Dresses and stuff wasn’t important to them…marrying each other was. So secretly we set the date for 7/7/11..because we all thought it was cool.

We were sneaking closer to the date. I was due to fly to America on 8/7/11 for my own re-wedding and more stuff happened. Sadly the Groom’s relative passed away, and again they needed to change their priorities. This time comforting family came first, so the secret elopement was put on hold temporarily.

Upon my return from holidays I was greeted with a lovely message from Emma.
It read: “Can we please marry on your red love lounge on 11 ate 11?”
I replied: “Absolutely! I’ll buy ice creams to celebrate!”

So there we had it, on the red love lounge on 11/8/11, Emma and Phillip became Mr and Mrs. Emma wore a simple green dress that was Phillip’s favourite. I helped them with witnesses (thanks Paul & Nat). They high fived before they kissed, intertwined their newly-wed arms to romantically eat ice-creams (before dinner on a work night!) and left to share a hamburger together. (All great marriages start with hamburgers…Emma & Phillip scored free Hungry Jacks!). Within the hour, they had shared their happy news on Facebook. Married on a week night, after work, with plans to start at 7am the next day. Weddings don’t get more real than that!

You can read the lovely testimonial that Emma and Phillip gave me and if a real wedding where you Get Just Married® is your style, please give me a call on 0429 2 ELOPE?

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