Testimonial :: Alysson & Michael

There is something to be said for a couple whose family and friends are willing to travel great distances to welcome them into marriage. 475 kilometres is a long way to drive just for a free beer at a mates wedding! These guests came along as a community to show genuine support for Alysson & Michael as they embark on a lifetime of marriage. The whole wedding party booked into a holiday village and shared dinners and fun times together in the lead up to the wedding. The Ceremony itself was a brief interlude in a weekend of love, fun and celebration.

10/10/10 was a great date to get married. The Central Coast put out the welcome mat, displaying a perfect view and fabulous weather when Alysson & Michael travelled all the way from Cootamundra in country NSW to marry at Marie Byles Lookout, Killcare Heights. The bride is a huge fan of Kasey Chambers, so she was truly excited to be marrying the love of her life within a stone’s throw of her favourite musician’s home turf.

We learned a few handy tips for those contemplating a destination wedding. TIP: Make sure someone knows how to get to the wedding location – don’t always rely on the driver. Impossible as it may seem… we almost lost our Bride in a giant pink stretch Hummer! Poor Alysson was almost an hour late to the wedding because the driver took a wrong turn. The girls knew that they might be going in the wrong direction, but they weren’t sure where the right direction was either! This busy weekend of weddings, meant that the Hummer and driver were also from out of town. Try doing a 3 point turn in a car that’s as long as a bus! We had an anxious Groom wondering if he had a runaway bride. As you can see from the photos our beautiful bride arrived – better late than never!

Alysson and Michael chose to have a short, sweet ceremony to formalise their union as husband and wife. Alysson’s proud Mum gave the bride away and Miss 6 snuggled closely as Mum and Dad said their vows. We made sure to include the kids in the ceremony, giving them their own “Marriage Certificate” to sign along side Mum and Dad. I wish we’d been able to wrangle a few whales to breech as a backdrop from the lookout.

Here are some photos of Alysson and Michael’s wedding ceremony, thanks to BillyB Photography plus some kind words they wrote about me as their Celebrant:

Johanna is a celebrant that My Husband and I would recommend to everyone wanting to get married. She made us feel so relaxed and we just enjoyed every minute of our special day, it was one of the best days of our lives and Johanna made it so special because it was everything we had ever dreamt of. I don’t think our day could have gone off any better than what it did and it’s all thanks to Johanna for making it what she promises it to be a fuss free wedding! Thanks so much for being a part of our special day and for being such an easy going ‘friend’ celebrant.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs R!
If you’d like a fuss-free Central Coast Wedding, call Johanna on 0429 2 ELOPE (0429 2 35673).

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