Traditional Marriage – Marriage Tradition.

Eloping was my husband’s idea.
You organise it, tell me where to turn up, we’ll just sign the papers and go. OK?

To some that sounds appalling. You can’t get married like that! “What? No dress? No party? No aisle?… JUST the marriage?
Yes indeed! We had NONE of that. We both wore jeans, said the minimum legal wording and were out of there faster than you can say “You may now kiss the bride”.

I really, really liked Paul and I really, really wanted to marry him, BUT I really, really wanted to make sure we had some photographic memories of our ceremony. I really, really like photos. Good ones. So I insisted that we have a Professional Photographer at our wedding. We organised a photographer who would capture the wedding and act as one of our witnesses. What I really wanted was one photo to share with our family and friends. I love that we have nice photos of our wedding day.

My Wedding

Still doesn’t sound like a “traditional wedding” to most does it? Well, here’s what we do once a year to keep our comitment to our marriage alive and well. Our wedding day was not traditional. Photos were an important part of our wedding day, so we make them an important part of every year. About once a year my husband has photos taken with me. We get to have a photographic record of our love through the years. It’s our special tradition.

Here’s a look at some of the photos Paul has agreed to pose for…

Ye Olde Wedding Photos

Ye Olde wedding photos were always my life’s dream…Not! It was heaps of fun though.

Casual Beach shots by Lisa Lent Photography were our 2009 day out.

These are our most recent photos, taken just last week by Jessie Broome of j[studios] in Melbourne. We combined a photo shoot, with a pampering session that included having hair and makeup done.

J[studios] Melbourne Photographer

Our brief wedding ceremony was only the starting point to our marriage. If I had to do it again, I’d wouldn’t change a thing. I married my best friend, who is happy to offer up his “Blue Steel” look annually to give me more happy photographic memories.

If you have plans to marry, why not figure out what is special for you as a couple? You don’t have to have a traditional marriage.
See if you can start your own marriage tradition…

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