Wedding rings with meaning

I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, my trust and my respect for you. This phrase is the most commonly selected option amongst Vows Now brides and grooms, said as they exchange wedding rings. The couple’s that I marry are generally pretty laid back. They aren’t in to flashy pomp or ceremony, they are practical people with a romantic underbelly. One thing I have found to be common about Vows Now couples, is their quiet sentimentality, particularly when it comes to wedding rings.

I have mentioned before, that it comes as a surprise to many that there is no requirement to exchange rings in a Civil Marriage Ceremony. You can include a ring exchange if you would like, but don’t feel pressured if you don’t want to, can’t afford to or prefer different symbolic gestures. I didn’t exchange rings with my husband when we eloped. We had been wearing rings that we’d given each other years prior to our wedding, so it seemed silly to take them off and give them back again.

My husband gave me a wonderful gift for our first Christmas a newlyweds. He had a ring made for me with the GPS co-ordinates of the location of our wedding engraved on a spinning band. I will forever know that 33°43’23″S 151° 5′ 32″E is at Normanhurst. I wear this ring on my thumb. Thumbs up for Normanhurst!

Here are some other wedding rings that I have seen exchanged…

  • Daniel married his beautiful Venezuelan wife so his wedding band had the phrase “Juntos Para Siempre” engraved inside. The Spanish translation = “together forever”.
  • Martha held her faith close to her heart, so she had “Om Shanti Shanti Om” engraved on her wedding ring. This represents the sacred sound of the Universe.
  • Cindy and Richard surprised each other with wedding bands they’d personally selected (in secret) for each other. When they gave each other their rings within their vows, it really was the first time they’d seen their wedding ring.
  • Emma received a precious pearl ring as Phillip’s symbol of his love for her.
  • Alan forgot to bring the wedding rings, so we hastily borrowed rings from the bride’s Mum and we fashioned something from a key ring. On a technicality I may have married his mother-in-law to his car keys!
  • Daran and Trinity exchanged tattoos instead of rings. They had their wedding date inscribed in Thai on their forearms.

I’d love to hear about unusual wedding rings that you have seen. Do you plan on wearing a wedding ring? If you’d like a simple, fuss-free, Central Coast elopement, then give me a ring…on the telephone!

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