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A few months back, I wrote a blog about how my life was really busy and in my 10th year as a Marriage Celebrant, I would be devoting more time to my family and day job. I was stressed beyond belief and was starting to think that I’d need to have a permanent masseuse follow me to get rid of a new stress knot in my neck. Guess what? Shit happened and that’s all changed!

Right now, I don’t have a day job. It was not what I had planned, but as with many things, life doesn’t always go as planned. For the first time in 10 years, I am letting the universe guide my choices. I’m not worried about paying the bills and I’m not letting a job have a negative effect on my health. My husband is totally OK with me having some respite and I’m doing things like packing lunches for him and organising ourselves as Barefoot Investors…. even the dog remembers who I am.

I am available whenever you’d like to help you with enquiries, legal paperwork or officiating your wedding.

My niche of sticking to very small, elopement -style weddings with 20 guests or less, hasn’t changed, I’m just around more. If you are planning a small wedding and want a really Sassy Celebrant, then hit me up! Help me crack 300 weddings by the end of this year?

Hard to believe, but these amazing photos were taken by the legends Kath and Bec that are Something Blue Photography on the day before my day job world started to implode.
I think they Photoshopped™ my stress lump!

If you want a fuss-free, elopement style wedding from a three times married, award winning, empty nester celebrant, you’ve come to the right place.
I completely understand that you may not want all the bullshit added to a ceremony. I’ll keep you totally calm because life will always throw bigger challenges at you than saying “I do” to someone you love.
If that sounds like you, then hit the Booking Enquiry button at the top of the home page?
I promise to make it nice.



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