Family Photos and Fur Kids

My sons are currently 30 and 25. They are both in long-term relationships. They live in their own homes and neither of them are married. As a Marriage Celebrant who specialises in elopement weddings, it is hardly fair if I became the type of Mum that constantly nagged them about getting married. Sure, we joke about it, but if they choose to never marry, my love for them will remain constant… My love for their girlfriend’s not so much

The only downside to having grown up sons that haven’t had a wedding, is that I rarely get the chance to update my family photos. Sure, there are other upsides…(like the empty nest, daytime sex, and the complete freedom to do what I want, when I want.) Well this year I was in luck! For my 50th birthday, I was gifted the opportunity for family portraits. My boys gave me a wad of cash and their agreement that they’d smile nicely and not act like total dicks if I organised everything.

You don’t need to ask me twice if I’m up for photos! I didn’t realise how bloody hard it is to find a Saturday that everyone is available that coincides with your photographer and Celebrant Mum also having availability! Imagine how hard it was for me to wait patiently from February 20th to June 20th! Six months to have an hour of photos! Arrrrggghhh!

This was a special day for me, that might never come around again soon, so I had a custom dress made by eShakti
[Use my referral code JOHANNAHAYES to get additional $15 OFF over & above the new customer offer of 33% OFF at eShakti!], booked Shannon Smith of La Bella Vita Photography and then immediately booked Tina from Gloss Girl Bridal Story to do hair and make-up for myself and my son’s girlfriends Mel and Temiqua.

We made the day special by pampering the girls and kept Paul, Ryan and Jacob busy by feeding them and putting them in charge of dog grooming. Sarah from Muddy Pawz Dog Wash came to the house and gave Rosie (my rescue mini dachshund) and Sarge (my son Ryan’s rescue Irish Wolfhound X) a mani/pedi and a shampoo and blow-dry. Sarge had never been groomed and he was amazing.

The whole day was fabulous fun for me. I had spent months planning coordinated outfits. I got out the sewing machine to make the personalised dog bandannas. My husband Paul was in denim and my sons and their girlfriends were wearing jeans and white tops. It wasn’t until I stepped out of the car at Fable Farm that I discovered they had all been planning a surprise and wore matching flannelette shirts! Even Tina, our fabulous make-up artist, knew of their plan and had been sworn to secrecy.
Sneaky arseholes! I loved it!

We managed to get some great pictures (that are already covering my lounge room wall).
Let me know what you think?

Thank you to Ryan, Jacob, Melissa and Temiqua for my best birthday gift ever! I love my photos and I love youse all too.