Get JUST Married in 2018

This ain’t Vegas Baby! Australians wanting to get married have some time to consider their decision before they wed.

Don’t rush to get married… You have a lifetime together.

You can’t go out, meet the love of your life, buy a marriage license and get hitched in the same night. Australian Law requires couples to give Notice of their Intended Marriage at least one calendar month in advance of the wedding date. This form is valid for 18 months and must be lodged with your Celebrant, Registry Office or Minister.

Getting married to the love of your life can be great fun but there is a serious side. Marriage is a legal commitment. It is a BIG decision. It is a union voluntarily entered into for life. It’s costly and time consuming if you change your mind after the event. Yep, get it wrong and it’s the D word!

If you’ve found ‘The One’, by all means lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage Form with your Celebrant.
Don’t rush it… waiting the minimum of one calendar month could be the difference that saves you from saying “Oops I did it again!”